Du lịch Hải Phòng

Hoa hậu biển thành phố Hải Phòng

Hoàng Văn Thu , Hồng Bàng Dist.,

This is one of the activities in Hai Phong Tourism Festival 2007 takes place from 28 / 4 to 1/5/2007.

According to the Steering Committee of Hai Phong Tourism Festival, at Son tourism will be held in Hai Phong Tourism Festival 2007 with the theme "Sea Son calls. " This is also the tourism festival is the second time scale most spectacular ever.

Festival will host many activities such as Miss Vietnam Marine, Buffalo Fighting tourism, exhibitions, fairs, beach sports, Sculpture contest with 42 international sculpture Authors foreign and domestic, food fairs will represent the space of coastal fishing village filled with marine products.

Special mark of Hai Phong Tourism Festival is this year's exchange program with various arts groups from Yunnan, Hong Kong, Macao (China), Inchon (South Korea).

The difference compared to the previous festival, beach pageant held this year for all candidates in the coastal region of the country, not limited to students in Hai Phong as the previous year.

Festival's goal is to make tourism a favorable environment for organizations and individuals learn and Do Son resort investment promotion.

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